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  • Representative Loan Example: Borrow £180 for 28 days, Total amount payable is £229. Interest rate p.a. 2538% (default) Interest payable is £49. 2538% APR Representative**.

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We all know that at some point, no matter how careful we are, our finances simply won't cover the outgoings. When you need a fast loan designed to help until payday, you need to find the website designed to help you find the perfect payday loans online.

Welcome to Online Payday Loans, the payday loans site designed to make quick loans easier to find. Simply find all the information you need by browsing our site, whilst getting all the useful tips on how to save more with each loan.

If you're applying for a fast loan, then all you need to do is fill out the Online Payday Loans application form. We then send applications to the best payday loans lenders to make sure your application has the best possible chance of success.

10 reasons to search for your Payday Loan with us:

  • We search the market for you
  • We deal with all the major lenders
  • Our service is 100% free of charge
  • Borrow between £100-£750
  • One, quick and simple 60 second application
  • No Security needed
  • 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Get a decision in seconds
  • 100% online application
  • Safe & secure
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Representative Loan Example: Borrow £180 for 28 days, Total amount payable is £229. Interest rate p.a. 2538% (default) Interest payable is £49. 2538% APR Representative**. *Sometimes transfers can take up to 3 working days depending on your bank.

Fast and responsible solution

Expert Steven

Every year a million people in the UK use payday loans as a temporary means of getting by. In the UK £1.2 billion is leant in payday loans every year.

Steven Sutton - Payday Loans Expert

I found my perfect lender

Happy Person

I found Online Payday Loans to be extremely helpful and user-friendly. The process from application to borrowing was clear and detailed every step of the way.

Ashleigh from Birmingham

Worried about not having enough money?

We all know the problem of not having enough money to cover the essentials each month. Most of us will at some point be in a position where we're forced to choose between shopping for basics or paying the bills. These are the times that are most stressful, and seem to go on forever, yet there are people out there who find help.

How is this done?

Online payday loans are a new solution to an old problem. In a nutshell, you input your details into a money lending site. Request an amount to borrow and, assuming approval, the loan is transferred into your account very quickly - usually within the hour*. Once payday arrives, you pay back the money with interest. This means online payday loans are designed to stretch your budget to the end of the month, or cover an unexpected bill or charge.

Where this works is with the sensible. If you're genuinely strapped for cash, there are online payday loans out there to suit you. Always remember that getting help until payday is a way of sustaining your outgoings temporarily. This is different from, say, extravagant spending - which is the idea of taking out online payday loans with the mindset of someone who doesn't need to worry about affording the basics.

This is the bit to remember - what you borrow you pay back. So payday loans online are ideal for emergency payments, from the standard dental emergency or vet bill to an unexpected invoice that you can afford next month, but needs to be paid immediately. When this happens simply borrow, wait for payday, and pay back. Where this doesn't work is with those who are continually borrowing beyond their means. Don't take out a loan, for example, so you can put it all on black in Monte Carlo.

So, what's the catch?

Worried about a catch? Don't be - as here we find all the information you need about each loan from each lender. Equipped with all the information, online payday loans are safe, secure and reliable.

With different money lenders offering different APRs and maximum amounts, it can be difficult to grasp the fundamental differences between each company. How does borrowing from one lender for three days differ from borrowing from another for four? How do you strike the right balance between how much to borrow and how strict you should remain? Where's the line between accepting financial help and simple tightening of the belt? In short, how do you make the best of online payday loans?

Providing you know the amount you get and the amount you pay back, and when you pay back, the online payday loans become a genuine source of legitimate financial help. Here we offer our services to help you find the right deals, learn more about each company, and crucially, the dangers to avoid.

Navigate well and you get all the help you'll need until payday.

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